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Connect all your health center departments, workflows and processes.

HEALTHSERV is an innovative cloud based Healthcare ERP. It's an electronic medical record, electronic health record and medical billing software. It will help to connect all your center departments and process and transform your entire administrative, clinical and medical services operation. A complete information and knowledge based services that help you to improve decision making, quality of healthcare service delivery, medical practice performance and care of patients and clients experience.

Get unparallel freedom of choice, boost your business value with customer-proven best practice and simplify your business infrastructure for alignment and scale. Plucom HealthServ is an essential and powerful tools you need to transform your businesses management and move it to the next level.

Patient Demographics
Electronic Medical Records
Appointments & Visits
Medical Billing & Accounting
Point of Sale
Patients Consultations
Clinic Services Management
Laboratory (LIS)
Nursing Module
Medical Report, Forms & Templates
Document management
Store Inventory Management
Facilities Management
HR & Payroll
Medical Reports
Reports (Financial & Management)
Dashboards & Analytics
Flexible System Setups
Unlimited patients
Unlimited billing
Unlimited reports
Easy to use
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
Secured access
24/7 support
On-premise deployment
Diagnostics centers
Radiology & imaging centers
Emergency medicine
Family medicine
Pain Management Chiropractic
Primary care
General Hospital
Behavioral Health

Enjoy the flexibility, speedy and easy access to records, improved patient care and accelerated revenue and productivity
HealthServ  is a multi-user medical software services that covers all health centers departments. Available modules include patient records management, appointments, patient visits, nursing, billing & invoices, integrated accounting, contacts and communication, patient documents, medical reporting, consultation, pharmacy, patient portal and physician portal.

Adapting to the unique demands of each health center, it is an integrated healthcare service information system that requires no major capital investment and improves efficiency by automating manual functions, streamlining workflows and bridging gaps between multiple information systems.  Plucom HealthServ improves efficiency by filling existing gaps.  With more than 500 functional modules, it is a game changer.

Cloud Services & SaaS Architecture
A low monthly subscription includes hosting, support, upgrades, maintenance, security and business continuity services.
This eliminates upfront expenses on software, hardware and IT administration.
HealthServ combines proven technology, industry standards and best practices to ensure your infrastructure remains secured,  scalable and always accessible.
Electronic Medical Record Process higher patient volume Support single & multi-practices
 Featuring powerful modules and sub-modules, HealthServ is built for usability performance and reliability. Enhance collaboration, productivity and patient care. Simplify decision making, streamline your operations and ensures compliance with industry stands and best practices. Save time and maximize values and returns.  Improve care quality using standardized treatment plans. Accelerate collections of medical billing and payment collection.
Reduce time with collaborative care management. Develop patient and condition-specific treatment plans by eliminating redundant data entry with automated information capturing. Utilize structured data for clinical trials, research and reporting
HealthServ is comprehensive enough to take care of medical information for single multi-practices. All process workflow had been generalized and standardize to handle different patient documentation, care services, reporting templates, custom forms to ensure effective and quality care delivery.
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Features and Capabilities of HEALTHSERV
Enjoy unlimited functionalities.
Features include cloud reporting, critical findings, flexible scheduling, physician portals and a health center CRM with real-time data.

Key Benefits of HEALTHSERV
Discover a comprehensive healthcare management system fully tailored to improve workflow efficiency and lower costs
HealthServ will help your health center maximize limited resources, measure performance, reduce duplication and errors, streamline revenue cycles, enable cost savings and improve transparency.

Fully Customizable Easy-to-Use, Fast and Effective Go Fully Paperless
HealthServ is customizable in the sense that you can choose to change the workflow and modules design to suit your practice. The software covers wide area of medical information system applications. From patient demographics, patient scheduling, electronic medical records, prescriptions, medical billing, patient portal and reports to medical reporting, radiology and laboratory services management, electronic document archiving, etc. HealthServ is an effective health record management system with flexibility and ease of use. Creation and management of patient’s health records is easy and updating the record is accessible as patient move from one department to another. Patient Chart display concise view of patient medical activities, history and reports. Information such as previous consultations, examinations, investigation, diagnosis, treatments, prescriptions, images, documents, invoice and payments are readily available.  Convert all your practice files into a digital form by going fully electronic and run on paperless system by integrating Electronic Document Management & Archiving. We offers document digitization and archiving service. This will help in scanning all your exiting patient files into the system and link it to respective patient files.
Connect All Departments & Processes Improve Patient Care Security, Data Encryption and Access Restrictions
HealthServ have the modules to integrate and connect all department operations. It has a platform for all categories of users such as administrator, front desk, records, billing, cashier, accounts, pharmacy, doctors, nurses, lab technicians, radiologist, consultants, patients, surgeon, store managers, admin managers, human resources manager etc. It is a multi-user software and multi-processing application that allow for unlimited number of users to access the system at the same time without hold back. Improve patient care with Healthserv. It features a flexible, easily integrated ecosystem with real time interface engine connecting multiple entities and systems. No matter how you prefer to generate your reports and documents, the application will craft a solution tailored to fit your care operation’s needs. We make it fit. Just for you. All data transactions and operation within the system are encrypted to prevent it from data leaks and save data from be hijacked by intruders. Access to the system is secured. We have implemented a secured access to patient medical record and history. Users can only see the modules that is meant for its operation. With access level management, system administrator will be to manage users based on the level of access and permissions to be granted to specific users.
Leverage Your Business with Best Technology Improved efficiencies and productivity Your Center At a Glance
HealthServ serves as your business partner enabling you to leverage best-of-breed technologies with white glove service and support. With 24-hour access to patient documentation, electronic sign-off processes, management and analytical tools.  HealthServ will also help your business to maximize limited resources, measure performance, reduce duplication and errors, streamline revenue cycles, enable cost savings and improve transparency. With comprehensive dashboard and report analysis, you will get an overview of your center at glance. Healthcare ERP comes with comprehensive dashboards and data analytics tools. All users in different departments will get an overview of activities happening around the center and pending task waiting on their desk. Y
Affordable & flexible plan for everyone
The application is scalable.
You only choose the modules you want to use now and can add more later.
See pricing below for different modules or contact  our sales team to know the exact pricing for your center
Once Access Cloud SaaS
On-premise Deployment
   Patients Management  18,000/ Year Call
   Appointments  Free Call
   Medical Billing & Financial Accounting 30,000/ Year Call
   Consultations 18,000/ Year Call
   Laboratory(LIS) 30,000/ Year Call
   Imaging/Radiology 30,000/ Year Call
   Pharmacy 18,000/ Year Call
   Store Inventory Management 12,000/ Year Call
   Document Management 24,000/ Year Call
   Human Resources Management 12,000/ Year Call
   Facilities Management 12,000/ Year Call
   Management Report  Free Call
   Financial Report  Free Call
   Contacts & Communication  Free Call
   24/7 Technical Support  Free Call


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